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5-6:30pm Youth 1 Elite Cheer
5-7:30pm Junior 3 Cheer
6:30-9pm Senior 4 Cheer
6:30-7:30 Junior Prep
7:30-9pm Senior 1 Cheer


4:30-5:30pm Level 1 Tumble
5:30-6:30pm Level 2 Tumble
5:30-6:30pm Junior Lyrical
6:30-7:30pm Level 3 Tumble
6:30-7:30pm Senior Lyrical
7:30-8:30pm Level 4/5 Tumble
7:30-8:30pm Junior Hip Hop
8:30-9:30pm Senior Tumble (age 14+ only)
8:30-9:30pm Senior Hip Hop


4:30-5:30pm SEN Cheer
5:30-6:30pm Youth Lyrical
6-7:30pm Junior 1 Cheer 6-7:30pm Junior 1 Elite Cheer
7:30-9pm Senior 2 Cheer
7:30-9pm Senior 3 Bournemouth Squad
7:30-8:30pm Mums Cheer (Sept-Nov comp)


5-6:30pm Mini 1 Elite Cheer
5-6:30pm Junior 2 Cheer 6:30-9pm Junior 5 Cheer
6:30-9pm Senior 3 Cheer


5-6:30pm Youth 2 Cheer
5-7:30pm Junior 4 Cheer
6:30-8pm Senior 5 Cheer


10-11am Tiny Cheer
10-11am Tiny Elite Cheer
10-11:30am Mini Cheer
11:30am-1pm Youth 1 Cheer
12-1pm Mini Hip Hop
1-2pm Youth Hip Hop
1-2pm Level 1 Tumble
2-3pm Youth & Mini Prep
2-3pm Level 2 Tumble
3-4pm Level 3 Tumble
4-5pm Level 4/5 Tumble


10:30am-12pm Bournemouth Junior 2 Squad
11am-2pm Barcelona Junior 2 Squad
12-1pm Bournemouth Hip Hop Team
1-2pm Senior 1 Bournemouth Squad
2-5pm Senior 1 Barcelona Squad
5-7pm Junior 4 Bournemouth Squad


This is our current timetable.



We are no longer recruiting for 2018/19. Please contact us to be added to our waiting list.

Group stunts are selected members of the squad and are private sessions.


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