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Future Cheer Jungle Fever 2015 competition results!

November 16, 2015

Another fantastic competition for our cheerleaders, with clear improvements in scores in all squads!

Tiny Cheer – 2nd place

Mini Cheer – 3rd place

Mini Pom – 3rd place

Mini GS – 2nd place

Youth 1 Cheer – 1st place

Youth 2 Cheer – 1st place

Youth Pom – 3rd place

Youth 2 GS – 1st place

Youth 3 GS – 1st place

Junior 1 Cheer – 2nd place

Junior 2 Cheer – 4th place

Junior 3 GS – 3rd place

Senior 2 Cheer – 2nd place

Senior 3 Cheer – 2nd place

Senior Pom – 5th place

Senior 2 GS – 1st place

Senior 3 GS – 3rd place

Mums’ Cheer – 3rd place

Mums’ Pom – 1st place

Mums’ GS – 3rd place

SEN Cheer – 1st place

So very proud of our 179 amazing athletes who have worked incredibly hard over the past few months! We are taking ONE WEEK ONLY to recruit to certain age groups! Please contact us for details!

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