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March 15, 2017

This competition in March was to be our final full squad competition of the 2016/17 season as we will now be preparing for our ‘5 Years of Infinity’ showcase in May.

We have definitely ended our competing season on a high!

M1GS – 3rd
Y2GS Nebular – 3rd
Y2GS Rockets – 2nd and HIT ZERO!
Y2GS Lunar – 1st
Y3GS – 1st and GRAND CHAMPS!!!
J2GS Sparkles – 5th and HIT ZERO!
J2GS Milky Way – 4th and HIT ZERO!
J3GS – 1st
J4GS – 1st!

Tinies 4th
Minis 2nd
Youth 1 3rd
Youth 2 2nd
Junior 1 6th
Junior 2 1st AND HIT ZERO!!!
Junior 3 2nd

Twinkles – 2nd
Meteorites – 3rd
Flares – 2nd
Comets – 6th
Eclipse – 4th
Ellipse – 2nd
Beth C – 4th
Brooke – 5th
Faye – 7th
Lois – 3rd
Beth A – 4th
Scarlett – 5th
Alicia – 5th
Holly F – 2nd
Holly C – 6th
Jamie – 2nd
Gravity – 1st

Vortex – 4th

Jess – 5th

Explosion – 5th

Apollo – 7th

Stellar – 3rd

S2GS – 4th

S3GS Orion – 4th

S3GS Destiny – 3rd

O2GS – 3rd


Brilliant competiton once again with Future Cheer! Now to get ready for FC Brings It On in Paris with our 2016/17 travel team, IC Aurora!

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