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FC Circus Spectacular 2016

March 11, 2016

Our first time at this competition competing against some incredible squads, and again our athletes did an amazing job! We took solos to this competition for the first time, and this was also our Hip Hop teams’ first comp, and our girls did really well!

Tiny Pom – 4th
Mini Pom – 6th
Youth Pom – 5th
Youth Hip Hop – 3rd
Mini 1 group stunt – 1st
Youth 2 group stunt – 2nd
Youth 3 group stunt – 1st
Junior 3 group stunt – 1st
Lois – 1st
Macy – 10th
Alicia – 11th
Sophie – 9th
Chloe – 9th
Robyn – 7th
Tiny Cheer – 3rd
Mini Cheer – 11th
Youth 1 Cheer – 1st
Youth 2 Cheer – 2nd
Junior 1 Cheer – 2nd
Junior 2 Cheer – 1st
Lily – 2nd
Dani – 5th
Lauren – 4th
Charlotte – 4th
Alex – 3rd
Senior Pom – 10th
Senior Hip Hop – 1st
Mums Pom – 4th
S2GS – 2nd
S3GS – 5th
Emily – 2nd
Jordan – 8th
S1 Cheer – 4th
S3 Cheer – 3rd
Mums – 4th
Mums Group Stunt – 5th

We are so so proud of every single one of our athletes who competed this weekend! Next stop is our Disneyland Paris competition for a small group of our Senior athletes!

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